A3 Registration

A3 is holding its annual Summer Sports Performance Camp beginning on: Monday, June 17th For All Middle School and High School Athletes

Each athlete will benefit from implementing a Performance Enhancement Program that is utilized in the Off-Seasons of Professional and Collegiate Athletes. A nutrition & supplementation class will also be conducted to help our athlete’s facilitate their nutrition/supplementation needs throughout the in/off-seasons; dependent upon your genetic muscular structures, sizes, and positions. The camp will be overseen by Brad Packer who currently presides as the Performance Director for Advanced Athlete Academy. Coach Packer will be accompanied by an experienced staff of A3 Performance Coaches who are dedicated to helping athletes achieve their goals.

The A3 goal is to provide athletes every opportunity to succeed in life by using their passion to participate and excel in athletics through advanced Performance Training concepts that are utilized at the Professional and Olympic levels.

$140 registration fee is required per athlete, with checks made out to A3. Completed registration forms with payment (check, cash, or cashiers check) are to be submitted to Coach Harmeling, or Kristi Burton PAYMENT AND REGISTRATION IS DUE NO LATER THAN JUNE 17th. (Any special payment plans must be arranged by this date).

If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or special requests, please contact A3 via email: pack@traina3.com We look forward to sharing an experience that will enhance your playing careers.

Click here for the A3 Summer Registration Form:  KW19 A3 Summer Training